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Right now IS the best time to buy!

We've decided to share some of our experience with you. We're familiar with the usual questions from prospective ebike purchasers - which all have one in thing in common - they are all related to the usage of the ebike - how far will it go? does it charge when you pedal? do i have to pedal? how does it charge? etc. All perfectly sensible questions. We are never asked...WHEN is the best time to buy an electric bike? So here are the reasons why NOW is the best time...

Reason #1 - Economics Read any book on economics and the first chapter will mention supply and demand - the bike business is seasonal - April to July is the peak - right now is the trough - you won't get the best deal when the market is high - buy when the market is low. Reason #2 - Stock Again, supply and demand - choice of ebike, models, sizes and colours is most restricted during the peak as stocks run low. We have a wide range of stock right now. Reason #3 - Brexit! Sorry to have to mention it. Most of the quality bikes brands are European - but most quality bike components and frames are fabricated in Taiwan with final assembly in Europe. Therefore the bike trade runs on US$ and the Euro - which is then converted into £ sterling for the UK market (which is considered very small globally) - the upshot is a breathtaking increase in prices for 2017 - up to 25% in some cases (ouch!). Reason #4 - Belt tightening Most of the bike manufacturers decided to play it safe for 2017 - offering a very similar model line-up to 2016, many of the changes are purely cosmetic and some have dropped some of their more exotic specs. For some brands their 2017 bikes are entirely unchanged from 2016. In fact the only noticeable change is the increase in price! Reason #5 - Technology 2017 brings little if any technological updates on 2016 - Bosch routinely update their e-system via software updates available from Bosch certified dealers (such as ourselves). So if you want your 2014/2015 or 2016 Bosch ebike brought up to 2017 spec just visit one of our shops for a free upgrade (free to our customers - £25 if you bought elsewhere). Reason #6 - Time We always make time for our customers but we've got more to give now - let us help you choose absolutely the best ebike for you - at the best possible price. Our in-store sale is running NOW - our best prices are not featured online - call or visit one of our stores and get the very best possible deal right now.

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