Bosch Performance Line CX

Performance Line CX

At a glance


Max. torque

Powerful acceleration despite compact size.

Max. drive

For powerful propulsion, an extremely sporty riding style and fast sprints.

Drive Unit

Sustained support up to 25 km/h, even on long mountain rides.

Drive Unit


Strong support

The Drive Unit Performance CX is the powerhouse among the drives. Weighing 2.9 kg and with a maximum torque of 75 Nm, it brings more riding enjoyment to the trail on demanding rides despite its particularly compact size. The eMountain bike motor with the innovative new gearbox conquers every terrain, offering precise response, sporty agility and fast sprints.

  • Up to 340 % support for steep inclines
  • Full power delivery from a standstill
  • Powerfully supports a wide range of cadences
  • Minimal pedal resistance above 25 km/h or in ‘Off’ mode
  • Reduced wear thanks to high-precision motor control
  • eMTB mode offers a natural riding sensation, maximum traction and optimum control
  • Powerful walk assistance for noticeable relief on uphill sections
  • Software also supports eMountain bikes with short cranks
  • The eShift electronic gear shifting solution is also ideal for sporting use

A new era for eMountain bikers

No path too steep, no challenge too great: the new Performance Line CX is made for anyone for whom the trail is a second home. The most powerful drive from Bosch for ambitious riders is particularly lightweight and compact and has minimal pedal resistance. In eMTB Mode, the rider receives the required power at precisely the right moment. The Performance Line CX accelerates extremely powerfully, responds without delay and features convincing agile handling and even more control. With up to 340% of perfectly delivered support and dynamic responsiveness, it pushes the joy of eMountain biking to the next level. We call that: double the fun.



Perfect motor control

Sporty riding enjoyment: The multi-sensor concept enables a dynamic and responsive drive unit for precise acceleration and a unique trail experience.

Direct power transmission

Always full performance: The motor ensures powerful riding behaviour right from the start. The drive delivers constant power over a very wide cadence range – perfect for fast intermediate sprints and crisp changes of tempo.

Minimal pedal resistance

Authentic: The new gearbox concept significantly reduces pedalling resistance when the drive is switched off and at over 25 km/h, while the eMountain biker benefits from a natural riding sensation.

Compact construction

Highly adaptable: Weighing just 2.9 kg and with a size reduced by 48%, the new drive sets new standards. This allows different frame geometries with shorter chain stays and optimal integration, making eMountain bikes much more nimble and agile.

Complete control

Ready for every terrain: In eMTB mode, the progressive motor support automatically adapts to the individual riding style. This prepares the bike for whatever the terrain may have to throw at it, without even having to change gear. The eMountain biker benefits from significantly better traction.

Robust and reliable

Made for off-road terrain: The drive will meet the highest eMountain bike requirements and will withstand even extreme loads. Even on long mountain rides, the motor offers impressive performance.

Perfect support

For alpine terrain: With eMTB mode, powerful walk assistance and support for short cranks, Bosch offers eMountain bikers a perfect combination for challenging uphill sections and demanding mountain trails.


Perfect every time: The riding experience with the Performance Line CX is optimally complemented by E-Live Valve electronically controllable suspension from FOX. The spring fork and damper automatically adjust to the terrain within fractions of a second.