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V12 Finance

They say that good things come to those who wait. But we know that sometimes you just can’t wait to get your new e-bike!

We work with V12 Retail Finance to offer a range of simple and straightforward finance options. 0% finance available; call or visit us in store to find out more!

Green Commute Initiative

The cost of your voucher is repaid via salary sacrifice. Depending on your tax rate, you’ll save either 32% or 42% on the cost of the package.

Getting your bike is simple, your employer will provide you with a voucher to hire a commuting package of your choice. The package can contain an e-bike or an ordinary bike as well as safety equipment, clothing and accessories, tools and spares.

Because the salary sacrifice period is independent of the hire period, depending on your employer, you can normally choose 6, 12, 18 or 24 month periods. So you can afford a quality e-bike.


Save 25-39% on a new bike for work.

Tax is complicated; the cycle to work scheme is not. You choose a bike, hire it for an agreed length of time, then snap it up for a fraction of its original value. It’s like a year-round sale, with interest free credit available in over 2,000 retailers nationwide.

Choose your Cyclescheme package

What bike and equipment do you want? Consider your commute. How far is it? What route will you take? Be honest with yourself. What are your priorities? What accessories might you need? These are all questions you should ask yourself as you prepare to revolutionise your commute!

Submit your application

This couldn’t be easier. On the application page, you’ll be guided through a simple form that asks for your work details, contact information, and the value of the Cyclescheme Certificate you’re applying for. Hit ‘submit’, and your employer will receive a copy of your Hire Agreement.

Get your Cyclescheme package

With your application approved and paid for (by your employer), it’s time to exchange your Cyclescheme Certificate for your Cyclescheme package. Contact your retailer and arrange a time to pop in and pick up your equipment. Your salary sacrifice and Hire Agreement now kicks in. For the next 12 months, you’ll pay a set amount from your salary each month; the deduction is made from your gross salary, so you make income tax and national insurance savings.

Transfer ownership

When the Hire Agreement and salary sacrifice ends, you can keep your Cyclescheme Package by making a final payment.

We accept Visa debit, Maestro, Paypal, and MasterCard.